Indian Cloud Telephony

In India, cloud telephony is the technology that innovates your business call system to cloud. The cloud telephony system is the most effective and smartest way to manage all your business calls and contacts without any complication. Cloud phone systems ensure your business have scalable and reliable access to unified business communication without any workload of setting up infrastructure. The business sectors in India with potential can’t ignore cloud telephony solutions because cloud telephony helps you to set up call centers with no infrastructure investment. It enables a more systematic, streamlined and controlled manner of communication.

Cloud telephony plays an important role in many companies suffering from real-world problems with services like automated calls, virtual number solutions, and IVR solutions. All you need to start with cloud telephony is a computer and internet connection. It doesn’t need additional hardware, handset or license required. As a part of your business development, your business call system will grow gradually. With the help of cloud telephony systems, you can add more users, virtual number and call flow as a part of your growth, without bothering about the infrastructure. We integrate your CRM systems with our cloud telephony to maintain your call history and database. Cloud communication services are more flexible and we can increase or decrease the capacity or simply add or reduce agents to manage costs and growth requirements. You can improve your business efficiency at the last minute. Experience human voice quality in your IVR’s and provide an integrated customer experience with our cloud telephony solutions.

Voxbay solutions provide a great service as a cloud telephony in India. Fast and easy maintenance with instant activations of the cloud telephony solution. 24/7 support and maintenance. Through cloud telephony we can record all calls, maintain call logs and share the status of the calls (connected or not connected or dropped out or missed). Get comprehensible continuous tracking reports customized as per your business requirement. VOXBAY’s hosted telephony services allow you to configure sophisticated IVR call flows with multiple menus as well as sub-menu options. The main problem every business stream failure is the absence of strong communication with customers. Many businesses often fail to identify how big of a role effective communication plays towards its success. Effective communication helps to gather potential customers and retain the existing ones. Cloud Telephony providers technically help the limitations of your communication and provide you the right business tools to reduce all those limitations by bringing your customers closer to you. Through live call monitoring and call recordings, you can analyze conversations with customers to identify areas need to improve by the agents. Cloud telephony-based solutions give you this ability. It allows you to use just one number to take calls from any device, anywhere and at any time. Through virtual phone numbers your customers use only one number to contact you, and you can direct calls to any business line/device of your choice.

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