Impacts of COVID-19 on Cloud Telephony Market

COVID-19 has shown us that all those boring discussions of business continuity were actually very critical conversations. The global outbreak has led to discontinuity and chaos. The pandemic created troubles in the lives of people, but it has also disrupted the functioning of businesses to a large extent. Telecom companies are one of the few industries that have been less affected by the spread of Coronavirus. For many years, one of the major selling points of cloud solutions was the ability to sustain your business operations through a disruption.

Due to the lockdown being imposed all across the world, there has been a rise in remote working facilities. Many companies and industries have adopted cloud-hosted services to ensure their business continuity. There has been a sudden rise in the demand for Cloud telecommunication services. Because of cost efficiency, Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) are increasingly adopting cloud telephony services and they can implement this in limited capital investment.

The Highlighted portions which cover the cloud telephony in this pandemic are:

  • Cloud telephony is keeping Business Going in Tough Times
  • Enabling Business Transformation in high extend

Clearly, cloud telephony solutions have demonstrated their value over the last few months for businesses using them to maintain their business velocity while protecting the health of their workforce and their customers. By moving to a cloud solution for calling, meetings, teams, and contact centers, these services can easily be integrated with other cloud applications to accelerate workflows and support processes for transformational benefits.

Let’s s some Potential Impact of COVID 19 On the Telecom Industry:

  • Many countries have reported a hike in their call volume as demand for call centers and helpline services has increased.
  • There is an exponential rise in the usage of cloud services networks owing to the rapid migration of companies to the cloud.
  • Companies in the UK have increased the capacity of networking services and are offering unlimited minutes.
  • Businesses are implementing New Ways like remote working applications and productivity analyzing platforms To Enhance Customer Experience.
  • Subscribers of Telecom companies are receiving warnings and updates in their own language when they are about to place a call. The auto-response updates them about any new cases in their locality and also informs about the precautionary measures. This is a usage Of Customer Data to Track COVID 19.
  • Cloud solutions also promote collaboration among distributed workforces through video conferencing and all. In this way, workflows stay efficient.

The global economy is facing a recession and switching to Cloud Infrastructure is one of the best ways for businesses to cut down the expenses. The cloud telephony services are flexible, allowing enterprises to scale up and down according to the business requirements.  We think this is a great time to consider the cloud for calling, meetings, collaboration, and teams. Speak to one of our experts today to learn more about this. Call us at 9946869229.

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