How Cloud helps Dine-in and Delivery for Restaurants

Restaurants and hotels are an inevitable part of our social lives. They provide us as  a community, with a space to connect and come together. The restaurants and related services have suffered a huge setback due to Covid-19, and there also was a lingering danger of a significant number of the same disappearing from the scenario. But somehow they pushed back and are doing so much better and we are so glad that our innovations are working in their favor.

Cloud based technologies are undoubtedly a boon for all such reviving restaurants. We understand that at certain times, all calls for these restros cannot be converted into a customer which is basically a cause of slow pace in the sales. This most of the time is due to the lack of an efficient call management system. There are various other problems that you tend to suffer with which Voxbay Call management solution can efficiently help get rid of.

They are as follows:

  • No way to track or record callers
  • Inability to handle business calls professionally
  • No means to work on the calls missed or follow-up.

IVR (Interactive voice response)

With an IVR, callers get greeted by a polite voice which helps them reach the right person/department based on the requirements of the caller. And an IVR can record audio responses and make the experience more interactive for the caller. Placing an order, making a reservation, or checking for an update regarding delivery can be very simple by just picking up the phone.

Toll-free Number

A toll-free number allows customers to call your restaurant for free. It must be easy to remember the number and publishing it on marketing collateral will result in good conversions. Restaurants can boost up the number of inquiries by implementing this cost-free call for customers.

After the smart implementation of cloud telephony in restaurants, you can now easily track customer calls. Through SMS solutions, restaurants are able to message customers that their table is booked/reserved. When the customers are directly connected to the delivery agents, they can feel privacy in their communication. Through an IVR, customer calls are directly transferred to outlets nearby to the customer. This can save time and money.

Call Masking 

At last but not the least, Voxbay’s very prominent Number masking immensely works in favor of online deliveries or dine-in queries- your customer’s privacy is our priority.

Inorder for the orders to be delivered, the delivery agent needs to call the customer, which means you are supposed to share the number. We, at Voxbay, understand and respect each of your individual customer’s needs for privacy. So we mask their number. This number masking helps customers to place their valuable trust upon your business. Hence protecting the reputation of your business as well your customer’s privacy.

Are you a restaurant owner looking for an efficient cloud solution to handle your business calls efficiently? Speak to one of our agents now: 9946869229

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