Handling Business Calls During Work from Home – All Questions Answered

The COVID situation has brought us to move on to the remote operating model. Opting for cloud telephony solutions is the remedy to solve the challenges in remote working, including this one. There is a little decorum while engaging in remote working that your employees need to adhere to while handling business calls.

Describe a remote calling process

A well-defined and well-documented process for remote calling is crucial for handling business calls from home. You need to frame and share a set of rules with your team so that they have regulations. Make pretty sure they have consistent guidelines to follow while handling all these away from the office. Also, a business can implement features like IVR and a toll-free number to render better caller experiences.

Give Training to employees to handle the new change

A complete process and operational switching are not easy for the client as well as agents. It’s better to train our agents to handle the transition before implementing it. So, you must make them comfortable with all the tools and amenities. A perfect detailing session will help them in the start while you can hold remote training sessions regularly to keep them on the right track.

Equip employees with the right technologies

It is the pivotal phase that needs to operate well. Your team must have the right technologies in place to stay connected with the customers, even when they are at home. Setting up a cloud telephony system is a milestone idea that can equip your entire business with advanced technologies. Flexibility makes everything simpler. Provide them with a virtual phone number so that they can connect from any device.

Provide access to Essential Assets

We need to support our team not merely by providing the right pieces of equipment, but also by empowering them with other essentials such as a customer database, CRM solutions, and ticketing systems for client support. These will help them when answering queries and responding to issues on calls. Empower them with these access to necessary resources to deliver the best caller experiences.

There are certainly other things we need to keep an eye on.

  1. Being extra cautious with the choice of cloud telephony solutions and service providers.
  2.  Don’t compromise on the quality of service you provide.
  3. The most important thing for delivering the best customer experiences on business calls is to be available whenever they need to connect. Don’t be unavailable when customers need to connect.
  4. Don’t Micromanage your team. The dubious behavior shows that you don’t trust the agents to do their job well enough. The absence of trust will make a huge impact on the productivity of the employee. It will influence the retention rates for your business also.
  5. By following these all things business calls during the work time will be more flexible and productive. So, go ahead and keep serving the customers as you have always done but better!

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