Cloud Telephony Solutions for Educational Institutions

Education Industry in this century has transformed promptly, like never before. if you are in the business of providing education for students, every student is your customer and very often, it’s their word-of-mouth references that garner even more students for your academy. There are over 1.6 million schools and more than 30,000 higher education institutes, and there’s still enough potential for further growth. By this, there is also an immense scope for educational institutions to reap benefits from Internet-based technologies.

Cloud telephony is a highly relevant solution that can improve the operations of educational institutions to a great extent. During the peak time of admissions season, huge manpower is invested in handling inquiry calls and queries from students about admissions, which in many cases results in a lot of valuable, but unorganized information.

Let us see how an Institution can use the technology cloud telephony:

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

How about using the IVR service system deeply in Education & Enrollment processes? It feels very warm when hearing,

“Press 1 for Admission related queries”

“Press 2 for Placement-related queries”

“Press 3 for….”

With pre-recordings being set in the IVR, most of the caller queries get clear up with the interactive voice itself. updates with respect to admissions like important dates and others are conveyed through IVR itself. These can able to eliminate the need for manual intervention in the calls. In case further details are required, the caller connects with the executive basis his input in the telephonic menu.

Click to Call

Definitely, there will be a website to promote every institute now. It’s better to add a ‘click to call’ feature in it, to engage students, once they arrive at your website. All you have to do is simply add a widget on your website and implement a ‘Call Now’ button to click on. This button is usually attached to a short form in which the visitor has to fill a few details such as his or her name and telephone number.

When they click on the ‘call now’ button, the cloud telephony system will automatically connect the call to an agent and student’s phone number and then bridge both calls.

Toll-free Numbers

The best-possible calling experience is achieved with 1800 toll-free numbers. Toll-free numbers Provide a professional and bigger brand image to the target audience of a specific business. While it connects the callers with the institution cost-free, it significantly enhances their calling experience and the caller will be very happy about the free call. Also, all customers prefer an institution which is easily contactable. Toll-free numbers add to customer’s trust and credibility towards the institution. It will reduce the communication gap between the caller and the institution.

Virtual Numbers

Virtual numbers will allow the institutions to publish one number everywhere on their collaterals – online and offline. Virtual phone numbers work as a centralized phone number for different branches of the same institution. Multiple numbers are mapped behind the virtual number and call is routed as per the caller’s nearest branch (with location-based IVR). A centralized virtual number even saves the marketing cost and time of the executives.

Benefits from Cloud Telephony to Institutions:

  • Increase Productivity
  • Highly Scalable
  • Monitor and manage all queries and calls
  • Avail professional image
  • Global presence
  • Easy Set up
  • Never miss a lead
  • Simplifying communications

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