Cloud Telephony for News Channels

Media is one of the leading businesses today and the role of news channels is very pivotal when it comes to connecting the common man to the current society and government. The true purpose of our news channels is to keep updating people about significant events and happenings around them. Their reporting agencies are not the only ones doing this job. Ordinary citizens can also be a part of this reporting or as we know it citizen journalism by giving information to them at the proper time. It is essential that all New channels must be available at all  times to attend the numerous calls as it aids in connecting people with them in a timely manner of the occuring time of the events.

Toll-free Numbers are essential for a Free call

A toll-free number is a freebie for your callers and it allows your viewers to reach your media for free. Purchase and Publish an easy-to-remember toll-free number on your websites and all advertising channels. This will allow you to be just a toll-free call away for your viewers.

Answering Multiple Calls Simultaneously

As a big media or news channel, there is a chance of getting multiple calls at a time. This can be resolved by the solution of cloud telephony. With our services, your viewer/caller will not get a busy tone while they try to connect your channel.

Missed Call Solutions to calculate the ROI on marketing campaigns

Missed call solutions are considered as one of the most efficient ways to monitor ROI on running marketing campaigns. A missed call number allows you to record the call data and track which marketing method is the most effective for your channel. All your customers will have to do is give a missed call and then you can use it to conduct polls and measure public opinion. By implementing this simple solution, news channels can provide their viewers with a convenient as well as hassle free method to participate and you can simultaneously increase the number of participants.

Automated and personalized recorded calls to your Viewers

News channels generally have a vast viewer base and so, it comes with the restriction of creating a personal connection with your viewers. It will be perfect if we can make automated and personalized recorded calls to your customers and inform them about important events, updates, or anything else at all using outbound calling and messaging services. Sometimes, these small, simple yet effective things can differentiate you from your competitors and help you generate much-needed loyalty from your customers.


With the implementation of cloud telephony solutions, several communication problems can now be very easily as well as  timely resolved. News channels can now comfortably communicate with the public. And with this, the common people can stay updated with all your inevitable news pieces through a mere outbound call or message. Your audience remains more involved in most of your campaigns, advertisements and other related stuff. Missed call solutions can terrifically help news channels measure ROI on different campaigns.

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