Call management for Tourism sector

Call Management for Tourism Sector

How hard will the coronavirus hit the travel industry? during this pandemic, few industries have fallen as far and as fast as tourism. But still, they are trying to survive their most. Technology can able to help them during this. Belonging to the tourism niche, many travel customer queries are not confined to weekdays, office hours, or geographies.

The Problem

Though, with a fixed landline phone as their only mode of communication, they were unable to tackle an unpredictable, fluctuating call volume. Because of the traditional phone system, many of the companies also witnessing a high volume of missed calls and unattended leads after office hours and on non-working days. This will lead to data and business loss in high aspect.

Finding Solution

Initially, Voxbay can setup a Tollfree number to resolve all their difficulties owing to a fixed landline system. After that, an IVR is implemented in that number for a greeting and guiding to the caller. Using our Smart solution SmartVoice, every call will be tracked & recorded. The calls can be distributed to the right agents and the company can stay 365*24*7 available and online. These features enhance easy access to an automated and real-time database of callers.

The Result

  • Tourism companies can able to see a 95% increase in incoming calls with our Toll-free number. (Because of no-cost inquiry, incoming calls will get increased)
  • Callers are happy because of the call forwarding feature had to redirect them to their desired department.
  • No calls will be unattended so that, no dead leads are remaining for follow-ups. This leads to the complete utilization of the database available.
  • Tourism companies can assess their agents by analyzing their call recordings. This will make a huge impact on the improvement of their staff performance.
  • Unnecessary advertisement space wastage by multiple number publishing reduced to a high extent and this saves a lot of money also.
  • Companies can able to reduce the hardware cost they are paying for the traditional phone system is reduced to a high extend.
  • The companies can feel a 70% increase in new deal closures due to full-time availability and minimized unattended calls and leads.

Interestingly, Cloud is a magical platform and our SmartVoice is a Heavenly solution for every business. Tourism companies can reap their industry in extreme by proper implementation and usage of our solution.

Need to know more about SmartVoice? Speak to one of our agents: 9946869229

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