Brand Building with Cloud Telephony

The heart of every dynamic economy is business. India is an ideal hub for startups and is all set to dominate the world in every marketplace. Companies are enforced to make continuous struggles to stay afloat. Our traditional term ‘Marketing’ changed its name to ‘Branding’ now. Branding is an essential component of success. Elating the minds of clients with a positive and trustworthy face of a company is what makes a brand. With the help of proper tools and techniques, branding tasks can be made much easier. Cloud Telephony is such a tool that can make or create proper branding by easy.

The communication technology in which all communication devices and applications are hosted at the service provider’s ground is called Cloud Telephony communication and these applications are made accessible to the clients through the ‘cloud’. A cloud is considered as a single ecosystem that a network of servers hooked together and operate.

Let’s look at the key benefits of using cloud telephony for a business:

  • Easily scalable
  • Improved customer experience
  • Professional business call handling
  • Data analysis made easy
  • Easy data recovery
  • Remote accessibility of resources

Startups Can able to build a brand image with cloud telephony. Cloud telephony is not a single product or service. It is a united set of broad communication services. All the services under cloud telephony cumulatively boost your startup to a better brand level. Below let’s list out some of the cloud telephony services to brand a business.

  • Toll-free Number

A toll-free number is a number that is free to call for the caller. The expenses are paid by the Company. Brands want to reach out to customers in the sleek way possible. For this, the business must cut out all barriers that crimped a customer to make calls. This is why brands opt for a tollfree number. And this has some attractive features like National presence, Recall value and multiple call handling also.


  • IVR System

Simply, it is a recorded voice that is used to answer incoming calls. A greeting message from the other side will give the caller a warmth feeling. IVR helps to redirect a customer to their desired department easily. IVRs can be categorized into two categories namely single level IVR and multi-level IVR. IVR helps to receive every call with the same level of professionalism without any failure. This can help to gain and keep the brand image of a Business.


  • SMS & voice broadcasting

“Happy Christmas behalf of ABC company”. We will receive such calls and texts from several brands on major occasions in a year. They are not typing or record any personalized message for every customer they had. They are just typing a single message or record a single sequence of wish and sending this to thousands of client database. They make use of a unique cloud telephony tool called SMS and Voice Broadcasting. It is very clear that cloud telephony is a vital tool for making business to brand and keep the communication processes clear and easy.

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