Future of Cloud Telephony

When an entrepreneur decided to open a new Firm, the first thing he did was to publish a web page with a single piece of information on it. That is their business phone number. Whether you are a start-up, medium or a big multinational company, there is one next-gen technology that will suit and serve your business in the stream of customer communications. And the technology we are talking about is cloud telephony. It refers to voice services in business or more specifically, it focuses on the replacement of traditional business telephone equipment.

Calls are the hottest business channel for lead generation and customer engagement. According to many business surveys, phone leads are more valuable to Business than any other form. when your office phone rings, you’d better pick up. Before explaining it in detail, let us give a big Thanks to cloud telephony for making business communications more and more simple. It’s now possible for businesses to have complex and infinitely responsive phone or voice workflows without installing a single piece of hardware. Every business needs a futuristic business communication platform that requires no hardware or software purchases and leaves no messy wires and benefits well in their office. In the past five years, it has been observed that there has been an exponential growth and rise of cloud telephony in India. cloud telephony played a key role responsible for the growth of the BPO sector also.

What we can expect from Cloud Telephony?

  • It will Empower startups
  • Will help to grow Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Will be able to route customer calls to language specialists (Multilingual Support)
  • IoT (Internet of things) will gain more attention in Business communications.

According to many market surveys, 95 percent of the businesses are already using cloud technology in one form or the other and our India’s public cloud market is expected to touch $3.81 billion by the end of 2021. The cloud technology is going to stay here for as long as we can imagine.

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