Cloud Telephony Changed the Face of Indian Healthcare Industry

The word “Cloud” is now more familiar to us. By the use of Cloud Telephony, Companies are Widening their services by shifting their services to the cloud. Like all other industries, our Healthcare stream has also been a recently played in the world of cloud.
Our Indian Healthcare is flourishing day by day. And our Industry is growing to provide reliable and advanced solutions for all medical issues. But communication is still a perpetual conflict for the healthcare industry. Proper and effective communication is very important for this industry. Example, in the case of healthcare, situations like managing Emergencies over call and Offline Medical assistance need a Strong communication medium. Now, there were many communication Challenges that are faced by our Healthcare industry. Let’s have a Look at them.

• Inability to track the inquiries from patients
• The number of Missed calls from patients is increasing
• Severe difficulty in book appointments by waiting long queues in phone
• Unable to monitor conversation by calls over the phone.
• Inefficient to answer all calls that coming to hospital reception.
• Unable to notify or inform patients about their appointment reschedules or cancellation.
• Follow up to certain patients is not Easy.

Cloud Telephony can able to overcome these challenges
Appointments through IVR
This will be the best advantage of Cloud telephony that can be used for the healthcare industry. Patients need not wait in queues for taking appointments. By simply and easy, patients can able to book their appointments overcall. A virtual receptionist can able to book a specific date and time to patients by taking doctor’s availability into consideration.

Call recording and Tracking
Call recording is beneficial for all cases. Through this amazing feature, hospitals can able to record all calls that are landing to their number and they can handle any fraud or hoax patient calls. By this feature, hospitals can able to track the performance of the call attendees such as receptionists for improving their performance.

Call handling & routing
Hospitals are comprising of many departments. Maybe it is based on specialization. In ordinary call management system, when a patient call to the hospital, it will be directly connected to the reception and the receptionist need to direct the call to a specific department. By, the use of cloud telephony this process can be minimized through on effective IVR. When a patient’s call is connected to the hospital, he will be guided by an IVR and can able to choose the department through his phone Dialpad itself. This simplifying system resolves all issues in healthcare communication.

Reminding Patients through SMS
By Bulk SMS, hospitals can send reminders to patients about their regular check-ups and an upcoming appointment. This will lead to the best patient support. Blood donation camps and vaccination programs also can be reminded through this simple method. Also, they can send an immediate text alert to all patient’s database at once in case of an emergency such as searching for a blood donor.

Cloud telephony ensures, No loss of life due to inefficient call handling and communication.

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